Friday, December 3, 2010

Illustration Friday: Spent

My teacher for comm studio, Mister Ota, has the students participate in, where we are to illustrate an image for a chosen word.

This word is Spent:
1. Used up; consumed: a spent youth.
2. Having come to an end; passed: a spent era of opulence.
3. Depleted of energy, force, or strength; exhausted: At the end of the hot day the spent workers slept under a shady tree.
4. Nautical Of or relating to a vessel at the end of a voyage, with fuel, stores, and water consumed and cargo discharged.

For this illustration, yes, it is an exhausted energy depleted fish, but I was thinking about the story of the golden fish that promised a sailor that he could grant all wishes if he was set free, so I was thinking about the idea of spent in terms of selfishness; the golden goose complex where the golden goose is killed and cut open because the fool thinks this way, he could get an unlimited amount of wealth but is left with nothing but regret and a dead goose. Am I rambling? Does this even make any sense? Nearing the end of the semester, my mind feels like pudding.
Chocolate pudding.

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