Monday, October 25, 2010


The first project of Type was really fun. It was to create logotypes by hand, and I really enjoyed doing this.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dadaism Zine

Creating a zine on a randomly picked art movement. Dadaism is about irrationality and the rejection of what is considered to be beautiful. I titled my zine "Fatman"
The nice thing about Dada was that everything is random, so I got to do whatever I want without the images having a centralized theme. I think that they might have ended up as mini social commentaries though.

This one is shooting gummy bears with a finger gun.
On the soap says, "Politicians: Wash hands before returning to work."
Dadaists were most known for their collages. This one is about women, as you can see

It was a little hard to pin this up on the wall because it was quite heavy.

Corndogs and Chicken breasts
This was a woman I made with household and feminine items

I love peanut m&ms.

I don't think I was as successful on fly. It looks too flat.
This is "Fastfood Lingo." It reads "We don't care about your health, we just want your money."

Walt Disney Concert Hall Final Poster

Cultural Institution References

This first image is kinda blurry because we drove by it pretty fast. Hurts my eyes. But the architecture of the structure overall is pretty fluid with an underwater feel to it. A turtle works pretty well for this.

The Final Vans Poster

The muddy footprint is Kevin's, because I had no vans shoes. . . or was it Chris's. . .

Placing the Turtle into Context

This was one of my favorites. I really enjoyed the walk.
I made two of these. This one I gave to my roommate. The other one I gave to my teacher.


I cut the turtle out of a magnolia leaf
Indian ink turtle on the bottom of my shoe