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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Poor Impractical Elephant

I made a quick poem to go along with this sketch:

Poor impractical elephant;
Full of impractical thoughts. 
Could've gotten a car better suited for him,
but then he thought, 'better not.'
So he went and bought this sports car
Thinking it suited him fine
Although it's difficult to drive in,
and gives him back pain all the time

He thought his life was too lacking
and wanted to fill the hole
but the answer to his problem caused more problems;
He drove right into a pole.

Elephant gained consciousness after the crash
and was afraid that he had died,
But walking out of the crumpled car without a scratch,
He never felt more satisfied.

So people, I'd advise you to listen up
to what Impractical elephant learned.
A life not appreciated for what there is
Is a life that is truly spurned.

Noah's Ark Wall Mural