Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Merry Christmas Everyone!

A few images of the packaging

"What is the snow queen's story," you may ask. Well, yes, she can be a cruel mistress to those she chooses to incur her wrath, but it is not without reason. For underneath her cold, icy hands lies a woman who has had the bitter taste of loneliness and abandonment left in her mouth since she was but a child.

She would watch the forest creatures frolicking and basking in the warmth of the sun. As she ran toward them in an effort to join in on the romp, a chill so cold trailed like a mist behind her, leaving everything she passed in a frozen state. The woodland creatures never forgot that moment so long ago, and since then, have cowered from her in terror.

The geese were the first to leave during the first signs of frost. As the young queen watched the figures disappearing in the distance, she picked up every feather they left behind and made for herself a gown in the hopes that one day, they will return to play.

As she matured in age, so did her ability to control the magnitude of this dreadfully powerful gift. The forest creatures were not convinced. And thus tells the story of a fragile being chiseled sharp by pain and sadness.

However, the snow queen is not without heart or mercy.
She gives the gift of silent dignity and majesty through the display of the sun shining on a world covered in a blanket of the purest ice. She shows that there is beauty in modesty through the soft falling of snow. She even sends jolly old Saint Nick to deliver gifts to children

Interestingly enough, the queen only seems to attract the gentlest, most loving being(s). Of all the woodland creatures, this would be the yeti. They have been friends for years.

Sometimes you will see her walking slowly through the forest, her gown of feathers trailing behind. Do not be afraid; walk by her and keep her company. There are no need for words, for the purest signs of love and hate are shown through your actions.

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