Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Drawing and Painting with Cecil 2nd Assignment

Our second assignment was to create a comic strip of a prison like situation where the main character eventually escapes. I chose to use a senior citizen escaping from a retirement home.
My comments? I am not particularly pleased with the color used in the final panel. I plan to go back at some point to revise and finish up this comic.
The next assignment to take one of the panels and to render it out with more detail. Looking back at this image, I will have to go back and add more cool shadows on Herman, the wall he is behind, and the back of the cabinet

Drawing and Painting with Cecil 2010

The first assignment was to digitally paint a statue, and then add/subtract something to/from it.
My revised version

Comic Book Heroes Fall 2010

These are some character concept sketches for the idea of the yeti. Yes, Chewbacca was one of the references.

This is probably the first digital painting that I have ever done. I felt like using this medium for our first Comic Book project of creating an illustration for a song of our choosing. I chose Arcade Fire's "Neighborhood #1(Tunnels)"

Our major assignment is to create a socially relevant story for a graphic novel/comic book.
These are some concept sketches for the main character. Now, which one shall be chosen?
My story responds to the treatment of the elderly in society. This is a story that I have wanted to create for years but did not have the drive to put it down officially. A combination of the Comic Book Heroes class with Candy and life here in Los Angeles allowed me to finally give my main character a face and a life.

The social significance of this story is about the treatment of the elderly: whether treated as children who can't take care of themselves, or people who have passed their time as well as their usefulness.
This story shows that our senior citizens continue to live rich lives, and that we could learn a lot for our future if we take the time to stop and learn about our past.

Charly is a retired entertainer of the 30s and 40s that was abandoned by the entertainment industry. He tries to fend for himself in modern day Los Angeles, taking odd jobs here and there, all the while being moved along by the memories of his fame, past Los Angeles, and all those who once. loved him.

By the way, these are just a few of the images that I made for my story. I have three other people who are working with me on developing the artwork for Charly, and I am very grateful that they even chose my idea to be a part of.

Go ahead and visit thefantasticmrbojangles.blogspot.com to see all the work we have done together!
A sketch for the cover of the book

Charly and the memory of his wife on their wedding anniversary
This is a modeling clay sculpture that I worked on for Charly. I sewed his clothes out of felt.

Wallet Time

My wallet has been through a lot: navigating through the treacherous washing machine, stolen and then returned (with everything in its rightful place), and constantly stuffed into and then pulled out of pockets of various utility belts and jumpsuits--One day I hope to be able to say that I own a jumpsuit and utility belt without lying.

Nevertheless my trusty wallet has been steadfast and strong. It is the technicolor dream coat that clothes my various ids and "buy 8 get one free" cards.
I made my wallet out of one of my old children's books. It is titled "What Will the Weather Be Like Today?" by Paul Rogers, illustrated by Kazuko. Clear packaging tape, and a needle and thread were what I used to create my trusty wallet.

Dire Toad Original Paintings

Dire Toad by Hannah Joe and Eric Rodriguez

These are the final Dire Toad pages.