Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Foundation Year Otis 2008 continued

AHHHH Principles of Design. . . This was a four-part project where we were supposed to create visual representations of a certain item of our choosing. I chose a shell. This is the stylized image.I guess this was a planar image: just flat shapes.
This was geometric and we had the freedom to change the object into something else, my shell turned into a woman dancing. This was my favorite.
Abstract with one color and texture. I cut some fabric off of my purple shirt collar. I don't wear it anyway.

Foundation Year Otis 2008

7 ft 6 hour life drawing final. I had to stand on a horse to reach the head.
Looking back on the head, there are quite a lot of mistakes on this. Live and learn I guess.
Fear. The reference photo that I used was recognized by my teacher because I got it online. It just shows that sometimes, it is best to make and use your own references.
Oil pastel on canvas. My reference was off of a photo of me crying at the grand canyon. I should post the photo up. It was pretty funny.

A boy impatiently waiting for his toast.

Many have said the knife looks like a pickle. I agree. There was some green paint on the brush

This is a ballpoint pen drawing of some animals playing Jenga. I'll be scanning in a clearer image soon.
This is a four seasons kaleidoscope done in watercolor
Spring and Summer detail
Fall and Winter detail

I decided to start with the book that I made when I was in fourth grade. It's the story of a girl that is punished with a tomato tree on her head for all her lies and deceit. It was my favorite of all the books that I made during elementary school.

Monday, September 27, 2010

And So it Begins... Finally.

I have been meaning to start a blog for sometime. I have all my artwork piling up because I kept putting off scanning them in and posting them online. Well one day, as in today, I have a sudden urge to do just that, regardless of the homework that I have due tomorrow. Although this is just a blog for now, someday soon I shall create a website for all of these images... Or at least spruce this blog up a little. And so, it begins... Finally.