Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Corgi Corgi Corgi

Drew some dogs a while ago that I posted today. Most of them are corgis. My favorite is on the bottom left.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Progress

When Father's Day and Mother's Day come along, my family celebrate them as Parents Day. This is a simple sketch and block for now

Backgrounds For Dustin Garcia

An animation friend of mine, Dustin Garcia, asked me to work on some watercolor backgrounds for one of his senior thesis animations. So here they are. I hope to post up his animation here soon.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Digital Painting Practice

When summer began, I assured myself that I would be sketching and practicing my digital painting, as I need a lot of it. For both. I woke up one day, looked at myself in the mirror and was disgusted to see the liar I have become. So I started on this fellow above, which I looked off of a reference image but I changed his face and made the costume look poofier. It took about a day or a day in a half and definitely made me realize I need to practice more or I will not move forward.

So there it is, and after practicing off of some more reference images, I hope to paint some of my own compositions, which I also need practice in.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TA Day Number Teeoo

The model today. I thought I should slightly caricature her, so I made her neck kinda rubbery and poofed out her behind.
Haha I drew her like a potentially dark-haired gypsy (Seeell me yeeor teears). The model actually looked more like a combination of Lili Taylor and Amy Irving in the film "Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna." Perhaps I'll try again.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First TA day of the Summer

First day of work. As a TA, I don't get to draw very much on my own papers, but I love my job. And after having drawn stylized characters all week, It's a bit difficult to get out of that groove. The woman above, the model's precious smile. The kid, one of the students.
The model again. I just can't get out of it! haha oh well, I don't mind too much

Celeste Faaiuaso

This is one of my very good and close friends, as well as my running buddy Celeste Faaiuaso.


So I've decided to practice my character designing by practicing caricatures and otherwise making characters out of people I know. The first person I started with was Eunice Kim from church, because she's the one who had asked me to draw her, and that gave me the idea for this practice project of mine. This image above are some character sketches I made based on her.

I don't like how the two drawings on the left turned out, but I am pretty pleased with the two drawings on the right.

The third drawing I don't think looks like her all that much, but I really like the second one (bottom left). I think that might be my favorite, along with sketch done in blue.

I was watching "The Secret Garden," and all of the sudden, I felt like drawing a zombie woman. Hm. She looks like she is grabbing her breast, but who knows why zombies do the things they do.
What more can I say?

Incan Castle Crashers