Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Original sketches. And yes, the image under the post-it is one I was particularly ashamed of.

This image was done for an editorial illustration assignment for Sandberg. The article I had chosen was about the plans for a 45-story Wilshire Grand Hotel building with 65-story office tower. I believe it was the Hotel building that would be a couple stories worth of LED lights, and this wall space would be used as an advertisement area. The argument was that this advertisement space would be considered to be a billboard and therefore not allowed, but the defense was that because it would be on a building and not taking up individual billboard space, it would not be a problem.

Sandberg thought my illustration was too much illustration and visual development/concept art and not enough editorial

I thought so too. And I was really glad he said it.

I really respect what good editorial illustrators do within the limits that are given to them.

This was a previous idea I had for the article

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