Thursday, October 4, 2012

A is for Angler fish

I've decided to illustrate and/or write an alphabet book about fish, and just fish. Actually, maybe not just fish, but underwater animals that don't need to come up for air. None of that "C is for Clownfish and D is for Dolphin" fusion. And I'm having lots of fun. Mostly because these Ive chosen what will be in the book instead of the disappointment I feel when "S is for Seal" and not Seahorse in books I've seen.

So A for Angler fish. I love Angler fish. 

 The two main compositions I've come up with is a grandmother Angler fish reading a story to her grandkids, and an Angler fish date (which if he's chosen will be the last time his body is completely visible). I think I'm learning more toward the grandmother.

Still debating whether to accompany illustrations with poems or to leave it with just the letter A on the other side.
 These sketches above were the ones I put aside because I didn't feel they looked as grandmother-like as the ones below. I DO like the third one though. Very headmistress-y.
These sketches I'm choosing from. Once I figure it out, I'll sketch them in the pose for the page.

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