Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dadaism Zine

Creating a zine on a randomly picked art movement. Dadaism is about irrationality and the rejection of what is considered to be beautiful. I titled my zine "Fatman"
The nice thing about Dada was that everything is random, so I got to do whatever I want without the images having a centralized theme. I think that they might have ended up as mini social commentaries though.

This one is shooting gummy bears with a finger gun.
On the soap says, "Politicians: Wash hands before returning to work."
Dadaists were most known for their collages. This one is about women, as you can see

It was a little hard to pin this up on the wall because it was quite heavy.

Corndogs and Chicken breasts
This was a woman I made with household and feminine items

I love peanut m&ms.

I don't think I was as successful on fly. It looks too flat.
This is "Fastfood Lingo." It reads "We don't care about your health, we just want your money."

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